Children’s shoe shopping tips

Parents everywhere know the drill–running to the nearest shoe store to outfit their children in the latest pair of shoes for school, play, or both.  But before parents invest in a new pair of shoes, some foot factors need to be considered.

A child’s foot changes as it grows.  It may be necessary to change shoe and sock sizes every few months as feet grow.

Shoes that don’t fit properly can aggravate the feet.  Always have a child’s feet measured before buying shoes

Never hand down footwear.  Just because the shoe size fits one child comfortably, it does not mean that it will fit another the same way.  Also, the practice of sharing shoes can spread fungi like athlete’s foot.

Watch for signs of irritation.  If the child always was to remove one or both  shoes, this may be a sign that the shoes don’t fit properly.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recommends five shoe buying tips for children:

  1. Take your child shoe shopping. It is important to have her child’s feet measured before buying shoes.  Every shoe fits differently., Letting a  child have a say in  the shoe buying process promotes healthy foot habits down the road.
  2. Shop for shoes later in the day. Feet tend to swell during the day; it’s best to be fitted while they’re swollen.
  3. By shoes that do not need a “break-in”period. Properly fitting shoes should be comfortable immediately.
  4. Always by for the larger foot area. Feet are seldom exactly the same size.
  5. Have the child try on the shoes with socks or tights, if that is how they will be worn.

Do your child’s shoes make the grade? Take the “1,2,3 Test”:

  1. Look for a stiff heel. Press both sides of the heel counter.  It shouldn’t collapse.
  2. Check shoe flexibility. The shoe should bend with your child’s toes. It should not be too stiff or bend in the toe box area.
  3. Select a shoe that is rigid in the middle. Does your shoe twist? It should never twist in the middle.

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