Gait Problems in Children

Gait abnormalities in children are not uncommon. These include in-toeing, out-toeing, flat –foot, and toe-walking (equinus).

Gait abnormalities can be caused by a deformity within the foot, the ankle, leg, knee, thigh, or hip. It is often difficult to diagnose the cause of the abnormality. A thorough clinical examination, including gait evaluation and possibly imaging techniques, such as radiographs, is essential. The treatment of the condition depends on the diagnosis and could include stretching, physical therapy, bracing, and shoe inserts (orthotics).

Unfortunately, parents are often told that their child will “grow out of the condition”. Although this may be true for certain conditions, more often it is not. Failure to treat gait abnormalities may lead to permanent problems later in life.

The physicians of Melbourne Podiatry Associates are very well-trained in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric gait abnormalities. If you suspect such an abnormality in your child, please call our offices.

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