Many devices known as orthopedic braces and splints are used in treatment of various conditions of the foot and ankle.  These products are removal devices that are useful in the treatment of some acute injuries, treatment of some chronic conditions, and sometimes as preventative therapy (i.e., ankle sprain prevention).

Splints and braces are useful as primary treatment in some cases and as an adjunct to other treatment in others.  They can improve physical function; reduce pain; reduce edema; immobilize a fracture or sprain; reduce excessive range of motion; and facilitate healing of injuries.

Braces and splints are known as durable medical equipment (DME).  They are usually covered by insurance. Examples of some commonly used DMEs include the night splint for heel pain and plantar fasciitis, pneumatic walking boot for sprains and fractures, and the ankle brace for treatment and prevention of ankle sprains.

The doctors of Melbourne Podiatry Associates utilize a variety of splints and braces for the treatment of many conditions.  We have the best DME products available in stock and ready for dispensation.  Call for an appointment if you suffer any type of problem of the foot, leg or ankle.

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