Sports-Specific Footwear Gives Kids a Boost

In this day  and age, sports are more popular than ever in children of all ages.  But did you know that picking the right shoe goes above and beyond just heading to the “athletics” section of the store?  Buying a “sports-specific” shoe– a shoe designed for the exact sport that your child will be participating in–not only improve her child’s performance in the sport, but also keeps them free from serious foot and ankle injuries.

Dribbles and Dunks: Many kids make basketball their first organized sport of choice, so is important to give them a shoe that both helps them perfect their basketball handling skills and prevents injury.  A child’s basketball shoe should:

Have a thick, stiff sole that provides support while running and landing from jumps to the basket.

Incorporate high ankle construction that supports the ankle during quick changes in direction.  A good basketball shoe should have the strongest support on either  side of the ankle.


Making a “racket” on the court:  Court shoes for tennis and racquetball may look like any other athletic sneaker, but it’s what’s on the inside that makes a difference on child’s feet.  A child’s court shoe should:

Support both sides of the foot, due to the quick lateral movements and weight shifts in court sports.

Provide a flexible sole for fast changes in direction.


Sprinting toward the finish: The running shoe is perhaps the most personal and intricate of all athletic shoes.  Every runner, like every child, has different needs, and there are a multitude of choices available.  A running shoe should:

Provide maximum shock absorption help runners avoid ailments such as shin splints and knee pain.

Control way your child’s heel strikes the ground, so that the rest of the foot can land correctly.


Don’t forget the socks!  The right athletic sock should:

Be made of a natural/synthetic blend, as this helps “wick” away moisture.

Does not contain any large seams that can cause blisters or irritation.

The doctors at Melbourne Podiatry Associates can provide further information on athletic injuries and proper shoe wear.  Please call for appointment.

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