Tasty holiday meals can trigger painful toes

With the most festive season of the year here, be aware that sudden changes in your diet can trigger painful gout attacks, especially in the feet.

Gout attacks are caused by the accumulation and crystallization of uric acid in joint tissues in susceptible individuals. Because the big toe joint is the coolest part of the body and uric acid is sensitive to temperature change, the big toe is most commonly affected area. However, other joints can also be involved.

Foods high in a chemical called purine contribute to uric acid buildup and we recommend patients who are prone to gout to avoid purine-rich items such as shellfish (shrimp, crab, etc.), organ meats (kidney, liver), red meat, red wine, and beer.

Gout can be treated with medications, diet changes, increasing consumption of appropriate fluids, and elevating and immobilizing the foot. It you are suffering from pain in your feet or ankles during this holiday season, call our office and make an appointment.

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