Lower extremity injuries in tennis, racquetball, and pickleball

The 3 most popular racquet sports are tennis, racquetball, and pickleball. Each sport has specific injuries, but they share common injuries as well.

Because all of these sports require side-to-side motion and quick stops, ankle sprains are very common. Achilles tendinitis and even Achilles tendon ruptures also occur commonly and these sports. The motions of these sports can also lead to strain of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles, and of muscles of the hip and groin areas.

Increasing activity level too quickly can lead to stress fractures of the bones of the lower extremities, as well as to delayed-onset muscle soreness, a condition that occurs 1-2 days after the activity.

Most racquet sport injuries can be prevented. Most importantly, a player should properly stretch before playing, and cool down with stretching after playing. Proper shoes are also important. Playing courts should be cleaned and dried prior to playing to prevent slipping. Proper technique will maximize performance and prevent sprains of muscles. Good hydration is important all sports, and applies to racquet sports also. Finally, adequate recovery after playing is important.

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