Your one-stop place for the foot and ankle

Melbourne Podiatry Associates is your “one-stop place” for all of your foot and ankle problems.  You don’t have to go anywhere else!

We offered the advantages of CONVENIENCE, QUALITY, and VALUE!

Convenience means that you can get an appointment the same day you call.  We have four doctors at 3  convenient locations to serve you, with convenient hours.  All 3 locations (Melbourne, Eau Gallie, and Palm Bay) are well located, easy to find, and offer ample free parking.

Convenience also includes the fact that all of our offices are handicap friendly.  Our  helpful staff is trained to assist all patients, including those with disabilities.  All of our offices follow all government required safety and cleanliness guidelines.  One of our physicians (Dr. Jessica Wilson) is bilingual, as are staff members at our Eau Gallie office.  This allows better communication with our Spanish-speaking patients.

We offer all types of braces, splints, and boots (most of which are covered by insurance) in our offices.  There is no need to go anywhere else.  We also offer all types of over-the-counter and prescription orthotics, as well as Vionic shoes.  Additionally, we offer symptomatic and cosmetic treatment of varicose veins.

If your doctor  decides that you need x-rays or other diagnostic tests, there is no need to run around town.  We take x-rays of the foot, ankle and leg right in our office, with results available for discussion  immediately.  We also have in-office diagnostic ultrasound, a painless, simple, safe diagnostic test that is useful for the evaluation of many conditions.

Regarding quality, the services  provided at our offices are unsurpassed.  Our doctors have all the professional qualifications and credentialing to diagnose and treat all conditions of the foot, leg and ankle.  Similarly,our staff members are well-trained, courteous, and professional.

Regarding value, you can’t  do better than Melbourne Podiatry Associates.  We accept most insurance plans.  We offer special discounts for uninsured patients.  We accept credit cards.  Our prices for noncovered items and services are competitive.

If you want the highest quality service, at a convenient time in a convenient location, at a great value, visit Melbourne Podiatry Associates!

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